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    Lightroom and/or Photoshop Creative Cloud and/or CS6 Won't burn to DVD-R




      I've created slideshows with music in both Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom CC. I've used a new DVD-R and my PC is equipped with the ability to burn. Using the button in Lightroom that Exports to DVD I get the 'sounds' as if it is burning, but the disk remains blank and I need this to play in a DVD player.

      Within Photoshop, I can't even find how to burn it at all.

      These are just simple slideshows with some effects so I don't need anything elaborate or anything that will be difficult to learn quickly. I've tried to use Effects and found it didn't give me what I wanted especially if I want several audio files, and PP I found too complicated for a slideshow.

      Is there anything else I am missing to make this happen?

      I find it rather annoying to be given the option to burn directly to disk, but not having it happen, or seeing other things on Google like I need extra software.

      I need this done within the next couple of days.