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    Will Animate CC 2015 permanently convert/overwrite Flash CC 2015 with the new update?


      Thanks for your help today as I know a lot of questions are flying around with the new release of Animate.

      I noticed that when I updated my Flash CC 2015 to Animate, my Flash CC program is entirely gone. I found this out by looking into my folder Window Program Files>Adobe. Searching for Flash does not come up with any results either.

      This isn't too much of an issue at home but at my day job, converting over developers teams I work to Animate may take some time. With those who still use Flash CC 2015 at the moment, this update may make team processes difficult as Animate saved files cannot be opened in Flash CC 2015.


      Is this indeed a permanent update? If this is a more permanent update, are there any future support to help keep Flash CC 2015 to help this transition process?


      Thanks for your time!