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    Best way to get InDesign files (or the exported pdf) to Acrobat DC?


      Hi all,


      I've been making up interactive forms in Indesign. I like the form creation- everything is very specific and precise. I feel like Adobe is lacking in that respect and in terms of the toolset.


      /But/, Indesign doesn't support the level of scripting Acrobat does when it comes to interactive form creation. What I've been doing is, I've been exporting the pdf from Indesign then setting it as a background in Acrobat. Which worked great for me until I created a multipage document.


      It seems like I can't set the background in Acrobat 1:1 with the pdf I created. It always sets every page with the same background, be it page one of the pdf or page 2 or page 3....



      Does anyone have a good workflow, a way to get the most out of Indeisgn without taking too many steps to make the pdf editable in Acrobat? Maybe with a plug-in?