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    user not activated


      Hello, I became a member of the Goethe Institute library and downloaded a file in the Adobe Digital Edition format. I downloaded Adobe Digital and initially just authorized my computer (without an ID), but then realized this was wrong and created an account under my e-mail address. I can open and read the in Adobe Digital Edition on my computer, but for some reason I cannot transfer it to my Tolino e-reader (the option is grayed out).


      I then tried to transfer it with Calibre (which worked), but when I tried to open it (using the same Adobe ID I use on my computer) I got this error message:


      "The content protected by Adobe DRM could not be loaded. The Adobe ID does not match the one saved in the tolino. Please check the settings on your tolino to determine which Adobe ID you have saved.(Cause of Adobe error: E_ADEPT_CORE_USER_NOT_ACTIVATED)


      But the ID's are the same!! So I don't know what is causing this


      Can you help, please?