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    New GPU Suggestions?


      Dell XPS 910

      Core i7

      24GB RAM 

      Radeon HD 5670.   

      Windows 10


      The 5670 has been adequate, but not great.   Now that I am doing multi-camera editing, it is just about impossible to work with.


      I am looking to replace the GPU ASAP.   The "System Requirements" suggests a couple dozen or more.   Can someone help narrow down the field for me?


      I hope I can do something for under $500.    HDMI outputs for both the Main and Extension Monitors would be great, but not critical.



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          Bill Engeler Level 3

          A different GPU is unlikely to make any difference editing multicam sequences, unless you have applied effects to the footage. Premiere uses the GPU mostly for some effects, resizing and encoding.


          What is your hard drive setup?  That is likely the bottleneck.


          In any case, with a laptop, your options for changing GPU are probably limited. What does Dell suggest as options?

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            jamesg1785192 Level 1

            There was a typo in the original posting.  The computer is XPS 9100, not 910.  It is a desktop, not laptop..


            I have since realized that the 5 year old system is not likely to run current software very well and am going to upgrade to:


            Dell XPS 8900

            i7 @ 4.2G

            256 GB solid state drive

            16 GB RAM

            GeoForce GTX 745, 4 GB DDR3


            This system should work, right?

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              dell and lenovo are bad pc vendors. alienware is overpriced and poorly designed, just paying extra for hype, a fancy case, and alien badge.


              if you want cheap off the shelf, hp has a decent spec one thats better than the dell you are looking at. the HP ENVY Phoenix 860se, it has 6 core cpu i7-5820k and can be configured in a few ways, like 16gb memory, 256gb ssd, extra hdd's, and gtx 970. the gtx 960 is a bit cheaper, but only good if doing HD/1080p.


              if you want quality, there are several custom builders that can make a system similar to the hp specs. eric from ADK often helps on the forums, their computers cost more but are top quality parts and service. there are other custom builders out there, but i don't have first hand experience to recommend. if you have a costco near you, sometimes they have good deals on computers.