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    CC Snowfall is glitching


      I'm using CC Snowfall and Time-Reversing it so that it floats up to look like bubbles.  It will glitch sometimes and not move seamlessly from bottom to top. 

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Could be a cache issue, could be a workflow issue, could be a lot of things. We need more details. You might want to put your snowfall on a separate layer then render an image sequence and replace the comp with the rendered file and composite that into your project. Sometimes time remapping particle systems does not work very well.

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            cory@space Level 1

            I think I've at least found a work around.  I heard about doing this at the beginning but didn't want to as i'd have to flip my other effects but it seems to be the right way to go so there is no reason to time remap.  I just flipped the pre-comp.  Seems to do the trick.  Thanks for the help!!