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    Motion blur on Helicopter Rotors in Element

    idar lettrem Level 1

      Hijacking this thread for a little while:


      Those of you familiar with the UH60 Blackhawk model  ( Videocopilot) will know that it has a nice, natural blur to its spinning rotors.

      Now, a while ago, I  purchased a model from turbosquid ( Eurocopter as 350) and mounted it in element 3d - all fine.

      But whatever I do I'm not able to achieve a decent motion blur to the spinning top- and tail-rotors.

      Fast blur engages the whole model and consequently restricted to minor values, motion blur has no effect on rotors.

      I have mapped the tail and top rotors to separated aux-channels  and applied an expression to ramp up speed ( i.e tail rotor rotation on x-axis = time*700 and top rotor rotation on y-axis likewise ) - no effect. My solution so far has involved quadrupulig of the top-rotor i my model and set rotation speed  for each of these 4 with a little offset. Result  NOT GOOD - as seen here  progresit

      Any suggestions on how I can solve this challenge, or is this maybe a property locked to the model itself?

      ( iknow this is just as much a question for VC & turbosq, but prefer to ask here as this is also AE-related)