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    I am currently having an issue with Ipad to Ipad movement with a Fill Form. Please Save me!


      I need to be able to transfer a fillable form from Ipad to Ipad without having to open a million and one applications to do it. For example, pass the item through imessage and be fillable as soon as it is opened from that application without download and then easily savable from that application for easy send to the next Ipad. I know that it is not that easy since imessage is a pain in the butt, but if there is anyway to do this on any other application so that we arent using email to attach and send would be perfect.


      In simple terms I want to make it so that someone with barely any understanding of technology can literally just open the sent file edit it and send it to the next person without having to change applications.


      If there is anyway to do this please someone answer me and save me. I have been trying to do this for days. Even if there is a way to organize the content through adobe cloud that would be great but it needs file organization by Ipad. We need it so that its almost a system of Ipads working together to finalize a form.