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    PSD in lightroom, edited in lightroom. When externally edited ("Edit Original"), returns to lightroom with original lightroom edits lost

    vineet.rajasekhar Level 1



      This is a change I've noticed since upgrading to LR CC 2015 and PS 2015.


      My process typically looks like this:


      1) Edit RAW file in lightroom (leave image uncropped)

      2) With LR edits finished, edit RAW file externally in Photohop (cloning, patching, etc.)

      3) Save PS edit, return to Lightroom to find new PSD alongside old RAW, with PS edits.

      4) Crop new PSD to finish

      5) Done


      Every now and then, I notice that I forgot to do something in photoshop, and take the PSD back into PS, choosing when prompted, to "Edit Original".


      Before updating LR and PS to the CC 2015 versions, I would be able to do whatever I wanted to the PSD in PS, and when I returned to lightroom, LR would have retained the crop I'd made to the PSD before taking it back into photoshop (so I wouldn't have to redo any cropping that I may have done to the PSD in step 4 above).


      Of late, since I updated LR and PS to CC2015 I've noticed that when I take an already edited PSD out of LR into PS, it comes back with the new PS adjustments made but the LR crop (step 4) are all lost, and I need to redo any cropping I might have done.


      Is this a bug? Is it a setting I need to change? Is it functionality that's simply been lost in the latest versions of PS/LR?


      Any help?


      Thanks in advance



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