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    I can't edit my PDF in DC Pro bc the PDF file was created in Acrobat 10 Pro... PLEASE HELP ME!! Thank you!


      I installed free trial of Adobe Acrobat DC Pro on my PC because my boss has this version on his Surface Pro. I created a Portfolio through Adobe Acrobat 10 Pro. ( I created this by taking PST Outlook files and converting them to PDF) When I open this Portfolio on my newly installed DC Pro majority of my tool options are greyed out.. I can't use them. Is there a way to resave this PDF file that I've already created into a DC Pro PDF? I need to be able to make edits to this document in DC Pro and to be able to use the functions of DC pro... or I need to know that this isn't possible and come up with a new plan... quickly. I have 4 days before a trial begins to figure this out. PLEASE HELP ME!! Thank you!