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    Indesign Data Merge Image problem

    Wilma NCFEF

      I have asked a similar question before, but trying once more to get answers. I am working with InDesign CC, trying to merge file including images, worked on this last year and had no issues.

      The csv file is in the same file as the images. The csv file was originally created in windows, I pull it off the drive and have tried to get rid of all formatting. Still I cannot get the images to merge, get the same error message every time.

      I have taken just the images column and "pasted special" without any formatting into a new excel file and merged just that and it works.


      Is there a way I can check if formatting is the issue? is there a way I can clear everything from the windows created excel file before I use it to merge?


      What other reason could there be for not ever getting a merge when I merge straight with the windows created file? All other data merges fine with no problem.


      Any help would be appreciated.