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    Problem communicating to nested clips

      I am an occasional flash user trying to segue from ActionScript 2 to AS3. I am still using AS2, but am trying to keep all my scripts in one place to prepare myself for AS3. I am having a struggle figuring out how to communicate to nested movie clips from the root timeline.

      The root timeline has only one frame. There is a movieclip on the root frame that has a button that doesn't appear (instantiate) until frame 20 of the movieclip.

      On the root timeline I have a function call to the nested button (see code below). It doesn't work. I've given the button instance the name "print_btn". Since the button doesn't appear until later in the timeline, I've given the button a Linkage Identifier of "print_btn", and exported it for ActionScript in the first frame. I've also tried changing the function path to _root.btnPortfolio_mc.print_btn.onPress. The only way I can get it to work is to move the function to the the frame on the nested clip's timeline where the button is instantiated.

      I thought that setting the linkage to export for ActionScript would enable me to communicate to an instance on a nested clip that isn't instantiated until later. What am I doing wrong?