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    file.exists() ???, do I need to do a XMLHttpRequest

    Qwertyfly... Level 4

      playing with a CEP HTTP extension,

      and I am having trouble testing the existence of a file.


      location is like "//fileserver/docs/art/k/k2/k2 d222.pdf"


      in .jsx I can just do:

      myFile = File("//fileserver/docs/art/k/k2/k2 d222.pdf"


      what is the best solution for this?

      Am I best creating a ActiveXObject, or doing an XMLHttpRequest, or passing some jsx to CSInterface and dealing with the callback?


      any help and/or examples would be great.


      it's a bit late and I would not be surprised if it's just brain ***, but thanks heaps to anyone who can help.