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    some questions of the use of previews image


      The following are some questions.


      1.  Does preview image created by '1:1 Previews' option which is used in the module?


      2.  If I create '1:1 Previews', and, 'Standard Previews' is not created & used?


      3.  If 'Standard Previews' is generated and used, it will be used for any purpose?


      4.  I know that Lightroom uses the Abode RGB in Library module, and the use Melissa RGB in Develop module.

      then '1:1 Previews' is produced by two kinds?

      If it's not two kinds, Color space of previews is not specified, preview image is shown rendered image applied color space in each module?


      Handling internal preview image of Lightroom is hard to me.