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    InDesign "eat" SSD free space

    sebdea Level 1

      Hi there,


      MAC Mini, OS X 10.11.3, InDesign CC2015, SSD 120 Gb (55 Gb free). A catalogue of 826 pages divided into 58 folders. I've create a book because it is far more easy for me to work with those files. I "inherited" this catalogue from company that will publish that catalogue. All is done. I am about to create a PDF ready for print. The PDF will be PDF/X compliant. If I am exporting each set of pages as PDF/1x then try to merge all those 58 PDFs into a single file I am informed that the new file will be no longer PDF/X compliant. This is the message I got from Adobe Acrobat.


      Therefore, I tried to export the entire book as PDF for print as PDF/X compliant. I left the computer running over the night. Next morning when I checked whether the PDF is done I noticed that I received an error message stating that I have no free space on my SSD. Indeed I had only 5 Mb left. All my projects are stored on an external HDD of 1 Tb space. On that HDD I set Photoshop and Illustrator to make scratch disks and I set InDesign to create recovery files. What on earth did InDesign do to occupy the entire SSD free space? How can I set InDesign to store whatever temporary files it creates on external HDD? I see no such option in Preferences. This is the second time when InDesign is "eating" free space on my SSD.


      Is there a turnaround solution?




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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Without seeing all the files involved, I have no idea what's up, but I can tell you that you need a bigger harddrive if you expect to work on files this large.


          There is no way I know of to change where temp files are written.

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            sebdea Level 1

            Hi Bob,


            The entire project is 24+Gb. Files varies between 9 Mb to 100+ Mb. Anyway, turned out that exporting each section as PDF is fine. Slow but fine. The only issue is that I cannot merge all PDF files into a single file. I exported each section as PDF/X compliant. Merging them into one single PDF the result will no longer be PDF/X compliant.


            Regarding the space, it looks weird considering that I moved all files on external HDD.


            Thank you for your time and assistance.




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              rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I am informed that the new file will be no longer PDF/X compliant. This is the message I got from Adobe Acrobat.

              In AcrobatDC you can save the binder file as PDF/X-1a via File>Save As Other>Press Ready PDF(PDF/X). Click Settings in the Save dialog to choose PDF/X-1a. I assume all of your file have the same Output Intent, so choose that profile from the printing conditions pop-up.


              InDesign is going to go to the start-up disk when you run out of memory and unfortunately there isn't a scratch disk option. You might restart and make sure ID is the app running when you try the export. The images are linked and not embedded or pasted right?

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                sebdea Level 1

                Hi Rob,


                Yes. I saw that option and I use it few minutes ago. I will wait for printer's feedback.


                Yes, the images are all linked. Well it looks like Adobe might include this feature in InDesign's next update. If it is something that can be done.


                Thank you Rob and Bob for your support.