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    Pan/scroll extremely laggy with Intuos pen (InDesign CC) - help!


      I'm having a weird problem using my Wacom Intuos pen in InDesign. Basically, the pan/scroll feature is being super slow & laggy, almost non functional.

      However, using the Mac trackpad and external mouse, InDesign pans/scrolls normally. And the Intuos pen works normally in all other programs, including Photoshop CC.

      The weirdest part is something I noticed when I had 2 windows up simultaneously. When I'm working inside a second window, Chrome for instance, and I pan/scroll in the InDesign window with the Intuos pen, but without clicking to bring InDesign to the "front", the pan/scroll feature works perfectly normally. But when I click back into the InDesign window, the scrolling is instantly just as slow & laggy as before.

      In case it helps anyone answer my question, here are my system/product details:

      - Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch (Small) tablet, about 1.5 years old, with updated Mac driver (12/21/2015)

      - MacBook Pro 15" (purchased a week ago), running OS X El Capitan

      If anyone knows how to make the scrolling/panning work at a normal speed without lagging, I'd really appreciate it! I've uninstalled and reinstalled both InDesign CC and my Wacom drivers, rebooted my computer, messed around with the pen settings, and nothing has helped.