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    Android reader: upload stuck by absent file


      The automatic upload of files from my Android device is stuck since more than a month, due to a missing file. Not knowing that a modified file was in the queue for upload to the cloud, I deleted it from my cloud account using a web browser. Now, the file is blocking the queue of uploads and I can't delete it (there is no grey 'X' for that file. Every once in a while I get an error message telling me the file does not exist.


      I have tried clearing the queue, but the only effect of that is that all other files are deleted. I have also tried deleting the local Android file, but the problem remains.


      Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of this file from the queue?



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          KhanMehwish Adobe Employee



          We could not reproduce the issue that you reported. Once you remove the file from the web-browser, it should automatically be removed from the queue and should not appear in the Outbox either. It appears that the modifies file was a Document Cloud file and 'Mobile Link' is turned 'ON' on your device. Please confirm if my assumptions are correct. Could you also provide us a screenshot of the Outbox tab so that it gives us a better idea of the issue?



          Adobe Acrobat Team

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            daniell27059907 Level 1

            Yes, the modified file is in my cloud and it was from the cloud I inadvertently deleted it, before it synced. Here's what the outbox looks, with the blocking file at the bottom. (Unfortunately in Swedish, but it should be clear any way, I hope?)


            Uploads of new files still works, but modified files are stuck in the queue, as you can see above.