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      i have a problem with importing my photos. All my photos are on external harddrive. However some photos do not get imported or get imported but then i cant anymore locate them manually on my harddrive.


      If i use the import photos command in lightroom and just move them to my external drive folder, lightroom will do so and all the photos are visible in lightroom, eligible to be modified, moved, edited in PS and all that stuff. So thats great, however suddenly some of the photos cant be located manually on my harddrive. They are just not there.... They still appear in LR and work just fine, but totally gone from physical folder. (if trying to synchronize the folder, it says nothing is missing and everythings fine)


      Now the second way: if trying to move the photos manually to my hard drive folder and then just synchronize the folder in LR. Now they are indeed physicaly in that folder but when using the snychronize option, lightroom does not recognize them and therefoe does not import them.


      What am i doing wrong ?


      Thank you

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Could be you are using the Move option when importing images that already reside on your external drive and LR is moving them to some other folder on your internal drive. Always use the Add option when importing images that already exist on the drive you want them on. Not Move or Copy.


          The reason the Sync feature doesn't find them is they already exist in the LR Catalog. They just aren't on your external drive. you can right click one of them and select Show In "Finder or Windows Explorer" to see exactly where those images are stored.

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            DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

            Quote "Now the second way: if trying to move the photos manually to my hard drive folder"

            From the menu bar select file> import> then select the folder with files and use the "Add" option at the top of the import dialog.

            Lightroom will import them and the files remain at the existing location.

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              floydpeter214 Level 1

              thank you both