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    Issues with extension/plug-in installation (CC Desktop and Win 10)

    SiliconPixel Level 1

      I have a few plug-ins / extensions and the new way of installing/updating these via the 'My Add-ons' web page is very clunky and troublesome.


      The main issue I have is that I have two Windows 10 PC's and they've both connected to the same set of three monitors. I switch between them using a screen menu and KVM. The issue stems from the notification that appears on screen to ask to allow elevated privileges. Trouble is, that notification only stays on screen for a few seconds and invariably I've missed it switching displays. This could also happen if you have a couple of machines in a studio that are spaced far enough apart that you can't get to the second quick enough!


      This results in a failure to install the add-on (or update). I've not found a way to bring up the notification again. The only way I've found is to remove the plug-in/extension and re-install a couple of times to catch the notification on the correct PC. In a studio full of PC's running CC, this would be a complete nightmare


      So, anyone know of a way to show the notification again?


      I know Adobe are aware of this problem and the general add-on install issues although I don't know if they are actively working on a fix/improvement.


      I'm part of a beta trial for a plug-in and have seen a number of instances of people failing to get the plugin installed due to this and related issues. The automated installation of extensions and plug-ins is a good idea but let down by a slightly clunky implementation.