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    When editing PDF documents created in other PDF software (i.e. Bluebeam, Nitro), why does Adobe convert text into black boxes?


      My company recently purchased NitroPDF creator software and now half of our staff is working with Nitro and other other with Adobe. When a PDF is created in Nitro and then Edited in Adobe, some of the text turns into white and black boxes. This also happens if we get a PDF that was originally created in a software called bluebeam (these documents we receive from our clients). We've tried to print the document to PDF to try to stop these boxes from appearing but we don't have very much luck. I think what is happening is that Adobe doesn't recognize the text or font and then defaults to the "boxes". Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know how to fix it?


      Some times these documents will be fine until you start adding/deleting pages, adding text boxes and then BOOM boxes appear. And the boxes don't appear on every single page of the document, just very select pages (usually maps and documents that were originally forms). I've attached an example of what we're experiencing below.


      Adobe boxes.JPG