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    Upgrade LR to Win10, Printing Issues

    PhotogCda Level 1

      Did a search, didn't find an answer.


      Recently updated to Windows 10 and trying to print via LR for the first time since the switch.  LR 2015.4 is the version.


      In the Print Module, in the Print Job panel, I select Printer and the first properties screen comes up, as it should. I choose the printer from the dropdown and get into the full properties menu.  Select my paper type, Color/BW, Quality Options, Mode and Paper Settings. In the Paper Settings I change the size to 17x22.  Click on OK which takes me back to the initial Print Setup screen again.  If I click OK here, the print job starts automatically.  That shouldn't happen.  If I click Cancel, to get back into the LR Print Module, the paper size I chose doesn't feed through and still shows as the paper size I used last time I printed before the update via Win7.


      Is there something changed in the Win10 print process that I'm missing?  I can print fine via PS, so that is an option, but would like to get LR sorted too.