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    Flash player installation woes (XP SP3)


      Having problems with flash installation on my mother's pc, which appears to be common from searching for solutions online, yet have not been able to find a resolution.


      At some point flash had stopped working, though am not sure exactly when. Presumably either after an automatic flash update, or when a boot failure bsod needed to be fixed. When checking the Firefox addons, flash no longer appeared, but it was clearly still installed on the pc and also appeared in the control panel.


      Tried the common suggestion of doing a fresh install, by uninstalling and manually removing all remnants of flash, and reinstalling. If installing the latest flash, the installer would reach around 70 or so percent, and then fail. If installing an older version (in case the issue was with the latest flash release), the same thing would happen but it would also state that flashupdateservice.exe could not be installed.