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    Using my music in clip

    Jared Platt

      There is a serious glitch with adding custom music to a project in clip. when you attempt to replace the audio track it attempts to go to your music library and cycles through a number of screens (repeatedly the same two screens) and then puts you on a list of songs but there the songs won't play from the list of songs and once you select them they won't add.   Is anyone having success with this?


      i Am on an iPhone 6s with the latest iOS.

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          Jared Platt Level 1



          I Finally got a song to allow me to select it from the list. But when it came in a message displays that says the song is not available because it was deleted off the device, which is not true, and then it places the song anyway and starts spinning as though it is analyzing the song, the name of the song appears but not the waveform. Then all the spinning begins and it spins for 25 minutes before I give up.


          SO.  The adding your own song in clip is no Bueno.

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            kirker Level 4

            Hey Jared!

            I'm sorry to hear that.. This issue has been reported by numerous people and it's been solved in two ways:

            1. Updating to 2.0.3

            2. Uninstall the app and re-install it. Make sure to wait until all of your projects and media is synced before proceeding.


            Let me know if those two steps work for you and we can go from there.



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              I'm also having this issue. I'm not able to add anything that is in my own iTunes library (cannot play them or add them), nor am I able to access any of the audio files in my Creative Cloud folder. I can see these files (in the Creative Cloud folder) but I cannot select them.


              I have updated to 2.0.3. and have already tried uninstalling and re-installing it.

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                kirker Level 4

                Hi there pnoah!

                     Please make sure that the audio tracks are saved locally to your device (not streamed from iCloud). I will ask a team member about this!



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                  Jared Platt Level 1

                  Here are the tests that I have run and where I think the issues are.  I don't think the solution is a complete solution to update and reinstall.  The issue has deeper roots than that.


                  1.  Music in the Adobe collection of music works just fine.

                  2.  Music that has been downloaded to the device itself does NOT work, even when it is completely resident on the device.

                  3.  Music that has been downloaded has worked on videos where I am using JPGs from the device itself, rather than RAW smart previews from Lightroom Mobile.


                  It is my experience thus far that Clip is hanging up as a result of the photos that are being used, not based on the music.  While it may be true that the music hangs it up if it is a streaming music situation, downloading the music to the device doesn't solve the issue, nor does reinstalling or updating the Clip App.  What does seem to make the issue less prevalent is the use of small JPGs rather than RAW smart Previews.  It seems as though Clip is having a hard time with either the size or intensity of the RAW files or it is having a problem with the connection to the files through the Mobile CC interface.


                  So far, this is the only link I can find that makes sense.

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                    Jared Platt Level 1

                    So the issue still happens. I was able to get it to work on the iPad Pro 1 TIME. But I can't figure out what the change was.  I am updated to the latest version of CLIP and I have every song on the iPad coming directly over from the computer, not from iCloud.  And it still tells me the song is not available or has been deleted from the device.

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                      So Jared once they can't Figure out a solution for it , it seems the next step is to ignore you and maybe you will get bored and go away  .  That said I pay too much damn money monthly for ANYTHING that needs to be addressed and fixed .  This has been an issue since the inception of this app.  FIX IT ADOBE !!!!

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                        kirker Level 4

                        Hi Jared and  Robert,

                        I'm so sorry for the delayed response. Let me check back in with the Clip team for an update. Jared, the tips about it being an image problem instead of a music problem are really helpful!


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                          Jared Platt Level 1

                          I don't believe the issue still exists.  I have been running the system now, without issue, for a month or so.  I think with all of the current updates between LR Mobile and Clip, the system is now running as expected.  I haven't run into the issue again since updating to both of the current versions of the two programs.  FYI.  Of course, I am on iOS.

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                            petergaraway Adobe Employee

                            Hi Jared, Robert and Noah - Sorry you guys have been dealing with this issue for sometime now. Jared, glad to hear it sounds like things are working ok for you now. Please update us if that's not the case.


                            Robert and Noah - The Clip team has been investigating this issue for a while now and unfortunately we have not been able to come up with a reproducible steps for this issue to occur which makes fixing it very difficult. I do however have a suggestion I'd like to you try. If the steps do not solve the issue please let us know and I'll have you try a few additional things. I'm sorry to provide only workarounds but at this point I'd just like to get you guys unblocked.


                            Please try the following:


                            1. Delete Clip and install the latest version from the AppStore
                            2. Create a new project, select media from your local device i.e. camera roll. - Make sure to agree to have  Adobe Clip to access your photos.
                            3. Select a soundtrack (tap on the music note) - Make sure to agree to have  Adobe Clip to access your media library. NOTE  Once your agree, you need to tap Cancel to close the soundtrack panel and then select it again. You should be able to select any song that's saved on your device.


                            Let me know if this does the trick. Again, sorry for the troubles.


                            Peter Garaway

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