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    Problems with Elements 14 Rendering and framerates!


      Hi all,


      I'm having a problem when editing videos. I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 14; I've noticed increasingly that when I add footage to the software it's absolutely fine, but as soon as it's finished Rendering the audio and video seem slightly out of sync - it's not noticeable to begin with, but becomes progressionally worse throughout the video.


      It's not actually noticeable on the timeline; they still show as in-sync, but upon playback the action taking place on the screen occurs slightly after the sound is heard.


      As I said, it gets worse as the video goes on. It's not noticeable at all between 10 - 15 minutes, perfectly ignorable at around the 20 minute mark, but as soon as the video hits 25-30minutes it gets seriously irritating, meaning I'm either restricted to keeping videos much shorter than I'd like or accepting the fact there's some audio/video lag.


      I've been told this may be a problem with the FPS of the Rendering compared to the FPS of the video footage, however I have no idea how to work around that.


      If anyone has any tips on how to combat this I'd be incredibly grateful!


      Cheers in advance.