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    adding photos to a colleciton


      Hi,  I am a novice user of Lightroom, less than 30 days.  I can assign images in my Previous Import folder to a NEW collection easily.  However, I am not able to add photos from the Previous Import (or the All Photographs) folder to one of my current collections.  Example:  I have imported and developed several images of birds and mammals and they currently are listed in the Previous Import file.  I want to assign the bird pics to my Bird Collection and the mammal pics to my Mammal Collection.  Lightroom printed instructions state:  "Drag photos from the Grid view to a collection in the Collections panel."  However, when I try this the image IS NOT added to the collection!  Nothing happens!  The image remains in the Previous Import (or All photographs) file but it is not added to the collection.   I must not be understanding something.  Help.  Earl