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    Gray out and disable / enable fields


      We are working on a document for www.openforexaccount.com where we want customers to choose 'type' of customer - and based on that, Javascript will enable/disable field groups, entire areas.


      We are currently working on a solution framework provided here http://www.windjack.com/PDFSamples/DisableFields_AcroForm.pdf  there are examples of how to do this - we don't need color.. gray is simple.  but there are hundreds of fields, so instead of doing this manually, wondering if there is any way to do this by group, by page, or some other way.


      Would appreciate any help and will post any solution / code that we develop.  Thanks!


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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          As with any systematic problem, this starts with clearly defining the requirements of the entire project and understanding your development tools.


          You need to have a form layout and identify the conceptual fields to use like a customers information that incudes things like name, address, account number etc for each group of fields. I would then look at using hierarchical field names for each grouping of fields.


          Using hierarchical fields one can manipulate all the fields below a parent level by just referencing the parent level name and the field property you want to manipulate.. All the fields below the parent level will reflect the change in the changed property.


          I would also look at using document level functions to perform repeated tasks where only a limited number of items within the action are changed. Using a furnction that accepts parameters for the items that change simplify the coding in fields to a call to a function with provided paraters and a possible return of result for the defined processs.

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            michaelw98420470 Level 1

            How to create Parent fields?

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              gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              A parent field could be the top most level or any level below the top most field.


              I establish a naming structure and follow that structure design.


              So if I have to work with an account I would need the account number, the name and address. Some of these elements could be sub divided into fields that are parts of the larger group. Name could have a prefix, first, MI, last, and suffix.


              So I create the following field names:


              account.number - the account number

              account.name.prefix - prefix for account owner's name.

              account.name.first - account owner's first name.

              account.name.MI - account owner's middle initial

              account.name.last - account owner's last name.

              account.address.numbr - street number of address.

              account.address.street - street name for address

              account.address.apt - apartment/suite for address

              account.address.citu. - city for address.


              account.address.state- stat or province for address

              account.address.county - country for address


              You now have levels of "account", "account.name" and  "account.address"