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    I have to select the comp in project panel to change paragraph setting



      i have encountered a king of Bug/Feature which is for me a little bit annoying. But i am not sure where this is coming from since i have upgraded to el capitan and to the CC 2015 version at about the same time and did not work much in AE until now.


      So here is my issue:

      When i want to change a paragraph setting of a text layer (e.g. from left to center) it will not do anything until i select the parent come in the project panel.


      The same goes for scripts, which used to accept layers as selection. They still work, but again, i have to additionally select the parent comp in the project panel.

      This is only happening when i have my project panel on my second monitor (through HDMI). When i dock it into the workspace on my main monitor, it seems to work.


      I am running AE CC2015 (

      on a MacPro 2013  with OS X 10.11.3 (15D21)

      32GB Ram - AMD FirePro D500 3072 MB


      I use a Wacom Tablet and, as written, two displays one over the display port (EIZO) and the second over HDMI (cheap fujitsu siemens)


      Does anyone have this issue too?


      I would be very happy, if anyone has a solution for this, this is driving me nuts...