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    Multi-Machine Rendering in AE CC 2015


      Hello AE community,


      I am looking for any information re: setting up a multi-machine render in After Effects CC 2015. Our small production team is researching this to be prepared to optimize our process for rendering at a greater scale as business increases.


      The literature around this MMR workflow is dated and applies to CC 2014 or earlier, with instructions to point all machines to a 'watch folder' to render an image sequence, however when I try to define a watch folder in the latest version of AE, I am prompted with a dialogue box reading:


      "Watch folder rendering is not available in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5). For more information, see this page: http://www.adobe.com/go/learn_ae_watchfolder"


      Upon going to the URL provided, there are 3 sentences on watch folders, 2nd being - "Watch Folder rendering requires additional work to the new architecture."


      The page then suggests opening my file in CC 2014 where multi-machine / watch folder functionality is still available.


      We don't have CC 2014 on any of our 3 latest generation Mac Pros, so this is not an option for us. I cannot find any further documentation anywhere about optimizing multiple machines with mirrored AE / plugins / font installs to render together. Can anybody point me in the right direction? If a solution isn't available via Adobe, what is my next best option? To find a cloud rendering farm to offload our big renders to? Is there one go-to cloud render company worth looking into?


      Any help or feedback is appreciated!