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    Digital Editions 4.5.126523 ghost ebooks issues


      I have been using Adobe Digital Editions for a few years to borrow books from my local and university libraries. It always worked well. However, an update was recently installed bringing Digital Editions to version 4.5.126523. Ever since, the applications is not working properly. Sometimes, ebooks I borrowed and returned months ago reappear (the cover is often missing, but not all the time... a little "cloud" glyph appears in the upper left corner of the ebook). Other times, no book show up at all and I have to erase the authorization and authorize again my computer to solve the issue. Everything then seems to be ok, but a few hours later, ghost ebooks (those ebooks I long returned) show up again. If I try to delete them by right clicking and selecting "Remove from Library", they do disappear, but next time I start the application, they come back again.


      Anyone else experiences this odd problem? Has anyone found a solution?