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    Transfer of epub book from library to my Nook Glowlight


      I have not tried to transfer an epub book from the library to my Nook in months.  I used to have no problem.  Now I am unable to do it!  I get two error messages:  "user not activated" - so I fixed that ( I think!) and then when I tried to transfer again, a "CE_copy not allowed" type of message.  Several questions:  is the glowlight supported?  do I use Adobe Digital Editions to do this (like I used to) or is it now Overdrive?  when I download the book from the library, it shows up as an Overdrive file...do I need to "open with ADE" instead?  That seemed to work and the epub showed up in my ADE library, but I wasn't able to transfer it to my Nook.  Any suggestions out there!  Help!