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    Upgrade to 13.7 - No selection for BMD audio in the Audio Hardware prefs

    Avidalone Level 1

      Everything was working as expected before I upgraded yesterday. I migrated prefs when upgrading.

      Now, Blackmagic Audio doesn't appear in Preferences/Audio Hardware/  and I'm not getting audio out.


      1. Video is working fine and selectable in the Video Preview pref settings as Blackmagic Playback

      2. This is working exactly as before in Premiere 2015 after the same upgrade, and Blackmagic Audio is available in prefs.

      3. My System sound prefs are Output: Blackmagic Audio. Even if I set the AE Audio Hardware prefs to System, i get no audio output.

      4. Blackmagic Desktop Video tool is 10.5.4 (current) and was working fine before yesterday.


      Seems like a quick fix if others have had this problem, but searching didn't yield any posts in the last year or so. Anyone?


      2014 27' iMac / 32GB / 10.10.5