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    RH7  Problem inserting hyperlinks and images

    lillibetUK Level 1

      Since my harddrive crashed the other night, I installed RH7 on another PC and installed updates up to 7.0.3. My project opens ok, and I can edit topics ok... Except when I want to insert hyperlinks and images. Has anyone else experienced the following problems?

      When I insert an image, I navigate to the folder where my image is located, select the image, click 'Open'. Nothing appears in the Image dialog. No image name, no image preview. Nothing. Click 'OK' anyway, and I get the message 'You must type a file path or URL'. However, if I select an image that has been inserted elsewhere in the project, it inserts ok.

      When inserting a hyperlink, from the Hyperlinks dialog I click Link to > File, select the file I want to link to > click 'Open'. In the main Hyperlink dialog, the 'Link to' name remains blank. Click OK anyway, and I get the message 'Please select a file, bookmark or topic to link the hyperlink to'.

      I have no idea why this installation is any different to the one that was on my crashed harddrive. It's so frustrating.

      Can someone please help me? I couldn't see any other topics in the forum regarding this, so if it has been covered elsewhere I would appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

      Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Is that just in this project or all projects? Create a new one or open a sample project to test.

          If it is just this one, try renaming the CPD file so that RH creates a new one on reopening. I am doubtful that will fix it but it is the first thing to try.

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            lillibetUK Level 1
            Thanks for your reply Peter,

            Curiously, I think it is something to do with our network here. The 'My Documents' folder for everyone here is synchronised to a network server. Before my hard drive crashed, I was working off my hard drive and manually backing up to the 'My Documents' folder because the automatic synchronisation and network glitches were causing my PC to run painfully slowly.

            Having now installed RH on another PC, I was using the backed up copy of my project in the 'My Documents' folder. To test renaming the cpd file, I copied the project to the desktop, but before I renamed the cpd file I opened the project and was able to insert an image and create hyperlinks. For good measure, I closed the project, renamed the cpd file then reopened it. I can still insert images and create hyperlinks.

            I copied the project from My Documents to another folder still located within My Documents (hope you're following this ok!) and renamed the cpd file. I opened the project and was unable to insert images or create hyperlinks- same problem as before.

            I don't fully understand why the project being in the My Documents folder should fail to create the file paths. Any ideas?

            For now I will continue working off the desktop, so I think this matter can be considered closed.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              If My Documents is on the network, you are breaking the rule that you must work locally.

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                lillibetUK Level 1
                Believe me... I've had many discussions about working with RoboHelp and the network with our IT guy; all to no avail.

                In order to keep a happy harmony I keep stum and do anything I can to get on with the work I need to do. If that relies on me remembering to backup my work manually, then so be it. :o)
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                  Kathy313 Level 1
                  Hi Liz,
                  This sounds very similar to symptoms I was having shortly after I started using RH7 back in Nov07.

                  The underlying problem is that the Open Image dialog imposes a limit on the number of characters it brings back when it navigates to the file path. If I recall, that limit is 120 characters. If the file path exceeds this limit, then the dialog appears not to have brought back an image. (Your mapping of My Documents might be exceeding the limit.)

                  Remember, the Open Image dialog is simply helping you build a file path for the SRC property of an html IMG tag. The html code itself isn't a problem; it's the nature of the Open Image dialog.

                  So there are two workarounds:
                  a) Before using the Open Image dialog, move the image files someplace else to ensure the file path will be shorter.
                  b) Because RH really doesn't care what the IMG SRC code is, you can leave your image files where they are, and manually code the IMG SRC yourself in TrueCode view.

                  Hope this helps!