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    Exporting PDFs from InDesign CC and they are waaay smaller than they should be


      At work I've been tasked with updating some old files. So they were created in older versions of ID. I do my thing and then try to export a large PDF for printing purposes. They are coming out 1.16mb and printing very poorly (we need to print at 36x48). The text and line work on the files prints perfectly. The placed artwork is jaggy.


      The ID files include placed TIFFs. I have checked the TIFFs and links multiple times. The TIFFS are all around 8x10 and 300dpi.


      My ID document is 34.1x46.1 inches.  


      I've been using Export>Adobe PDF (Print). I have left all the settings alone except for the compression options. I have set all the options for "Do Not Downsample" and "Compression: None." All the boxes with dpi options are set at 300. I have had other people look at everything and they can't see anything wrong. We are a very experienced art house for what its worth.


      The PDFs are coming out at 1.16mb.


      Exporting a jpeg of the same file gives a 21.8mb file.


      If I pull the PDF into photoshop, once it has rasterized I am left with a 404.8mb file that is 34.1x46.1 and 300dpi. Just as it should be.


      Why aren't the PDFs that size? Anyone? Please? We need them to be pdfs and not jpegs.