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        courtneyh78433615 Level 1


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          shirleyg53328153 Level 1

          This really worked on my Mac. Thanks

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            courtneyh78433615 Level 1

            You know what works?  Printing in Adobe Reader DC.  So don't waste your money purchasing a full version product from Adobe because they don't care about their customers (unless you own a Mac, apparently).  Just use the free version and purchase another .pdf program from another vendor.  Perhaps then you'll actually be able to use the product you purchased!  Because 3 months later and I STILL can't print from Adobe Acrobat DC in Windows.  But I'm glad the problem was "solved" for you Mac folks.  That's a load off my mind.

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              lonewolfpoet Level 1

              I agree totally ridiculous I am going to fail a certification exam because I can't print test results to see what questions I answered correctly and which I didn't.

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                nicoles57262248 Level 1

                Adobe- We still need a windows patch... thanks!

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                  AshuMittal Adobe Employee

                  Hi @nicoles57262248,


                  Could you please describe your problem on Windows with exact steps to reproduce? That'll help us troubleshoot your issue. Sorry if I missed it but I don't see a previous post from you on this thread.



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                    lonewolfpoet Level 1

                    The problem is the same since February, you Adobe idiots never fixed the problem for PC's running Windows!!!!!!

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                      nicoles57262248 Level 1

                      Please read the thread, I have not posted previously, but I am having the same issue as every other user on this thread. Cannot print from Acrobat DC. The program seems to also freeze when i attempt to click on the properties button within the print screen. I have to end task the program and then when i reopen the problem still exists.

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                        matthew.bobbitt Level 1

                        So, we have had this exact issue throughout my workplace (OS: Windows 7, cannot open properties from within Acrobat DC -- clicking print does nothing -- the job never spools). It's been very sporadic -- and only effects Acrobat DC. Sometimes it will print, sometimes it won't. Sometimes you can close Acrobat DC and reopen the PDF and it prints fine. Issue has been going on since about February.


                        After working with Adobe on it (no issues found) and our server print software folks (no issues found) we randomly started looking at our Antivirus vendor -- Vipre. Something in the local firewall policy was blocking it (yet, this will not show up in any logs). Even disabling the firewall made this issue continue. After upgrading to the latest version of their software (9.3), the issue has been resolved.


                        Just my 2 cents, look at your Antivirus software -- especially if it's Vipre.

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                          andream22315504 Level 1

                          I'm having the exact same problem on Windows. I came across this thread and see the last post was from June. It is now September. Can anyone advise if there is a fix for this and how to do it???

                          My printer works fine printing anything but from Adobe dc. I followed all the suggestions but nothing has fixed the problem.

                          I also tried to delete this Adobe and reload a previous version but the upgrade automatically downloads so I can't even do that.

                          I too have looked at my antivirus software to see if this is the problem and nothing was found...as I said, I can print anything except from adobe dc.

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                            EBHomes Level 1

                            A number of our users are experiencing this issue, some running Adobe Reader DC and others running Acrobat DC (all running Windows 10 Pro x64). When pressing print in the print dialog box, the box closes but gives no indication that a job was sent. The print queue remains empty and the printer does not print. This is not specific to single printer or model.


                            We've found this issue only occurs when printing through a print server on our network. If I print directly to the printer via its IP address the prints come out normally. I've also found this issue to be user specific. Certain logins on a given machine will print while other users cannot. All other applications print correctly through the print server, it is specific to Adobe Reader/Acrobat.


                            I have tested this on a machine that does not have antivirus software installed and it still does not print.


                            Please Advise

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                              Tech32011610 Level 1

                              All our printers run through a print server and we do not have the option to change that. 


                              I am trying to print from Acrobat Reader DC (i.e. the free version).


                              I have tried printing from Windows 10 and Windows 8, and both fail with an error saying:


                              The document could not be printed.

                              There were no pages selected to print.


                              In Windows 8 the option to 'print as an image' was greyed out.  That option was available in Windows 10 but it didn't make any difference, I got the same error messages.


                              I have tried different printers, HP and Xerox, with the same result.  Also many different PDF files


                              Interestingly, when I printed from a domain account using Windows 7, it worked.


                              I didn't even know that it was fixed on Mac OS - it hadn't worked in so long that we all just got used to printing from Preview.  So it's good to know :-).


                              Please fix on Windows!

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                                Muzzerboy Level 1

                                I've fixed my Windows 10 / Reader DC problem finally, no thanks to the losers at Adobe who still haven't "rolled out" any form of fix despite waiting months for it.


                                The fix is very simple - install another PDF reader. I went for Nitro PDF Reader in the end. Works out of the box.


                                Hey, ashumittal, how can you describe the patch for OSX as a "correct answer" when it doesn't address the Windows users out here? Are you some sort of "affirmative employee"? How can you have any self esteem working for an outfit like this?

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                                  sthompson1194 Level 1

                                  Having the same issue in Windows 7.  A Windows patch would be nice!  Any day now.

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                                    calvinm33183 Level 1

                                    We are using DC on our terminal servers and this can be quite annoying.  We even have the problem on printers that have over 10 characters in the name too.  We use a lot of adobe products from adobe reader to acrobat to InDesign.  Please get a windows patch released soon, if we have to uninstall this version it is unlikely we will be reinstalling an older version.  Pry move to a different software.



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                                      calvinm33183 Level 1

                                      Does the latest update that was released yesterday fix this problem?



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                                        devon.drivetime Level 1

                                        I'm also having this issue with a Windows 7 machine. They attempt to print and nothing happens. They do not even get an error message. I've been able to work around the issue by having the user print from Adobe Reader instead, however this is not a fix. I would like to know when a patch is released to fix this issue.


                                        Thank you

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                                          suppiramaniams21617178 Level 1

                                          First, change the header to NOT answered. I just experienced the problem. and going by the comments which have been running for months, clearly Adobe has NOT fixed the issue.


                                          I was able to print up until last week then suddenly I cannot print any Adobe docs. I have also tried printing using Adobe X pro, even that does not work. Also, my HP printer prints every other document, excel, word, jepg, etc. So clearly the problem is not with the printer or my laptop (I use windows 10, and have a 1 year old Lenova laptop).


                                          I can send the Adobe docs to my work printer and it prints there. So the problem is specific.


                                          If Adobe cannot fix the problem they should say so, and withdraw the product from the market.

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                                            Muzzerboy Level 1

                                            Don't waste your time waiting for Adobe to fix this. They clearly can't be bothered unless it affects more of their users. I expect the senior team are on performance bonuses for minimising the spend on support and for them this is a no-brainer win, if you forgive the pun. Familiarity breeds contempt!


                                            Do what I did - install a free viewer like Nitro Reader 5 and if you want an editor, try something like PDFill PDF Editor. It cost peanuts to register and unlike Adobe, the publishers actually try to make their customers happy.

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                                              gvf0935 Level 1

                                              In Windows-10 right mouse click and choose open with Edge [or other browser]


                                              You can print a  PDF file from the browser just NOT from Adobe Reader or so it seems

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                                                Muzzerboy Level 1

                                                Good call - that's a neat way to get around the print problem if you are in a corner although the options for printing and other tools are limited or missing. As mentioned, you can use other browsers  to do this - I prefer Chrome myself.

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                                                  sthompson1194 Level 1

                                                  I have read this thread and Windows is mentioned on every other post.  Same issue as MAC and the Adobe Print is also sporadic.  My company is now exploring other products with better support.  After the money we paid for the Adobe Pro product we feel cheated and scammed.  And I am personally offended by your reference to not knowing Windows was also affected.  Re-read the entire string!

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                                                    rogerjes Level 1

                                                    Simplest answer after banging my head trying to get Acrobat DC to print and failing was to install Nitro Reader.


                                                    I had the document I needed printed 5 minutes later.


                                                    I don't know why Adobe can't get their act together? This message thread is embarrassing.

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                                                      Muzzerboy Level 1

                                                      It could only be embarrassing to them if they had a sense of self respect - and respect for the customer. Instead, they clearly have much bigger things to occupy themselves with. To them, execution is just detail. Adobe seems to be just a big collection of BS artists.

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                                                        AshuMittal Adobe Employee

                                                        Hi all,


                                                        We apologise for the printing issues you are encountering with Acrobat or Reader DC.


                                                        In order to help resolve the print issues at your end, we need you to perform the following steps:


                                                        1. Make sure you are on the latest Acrobat or Reader update. Please visit Help > Check for Updates and apply the patch if available.
                                                        2. Uninstall and Reinstall the printer driver. Refer to the "Are you using the latest printer driver?" section here: Troubleshoot PDF printing in Acrobat and Reader


                                                        Please try printing again and if the issue still reproduces, please send us with the following information:


                                                        1. Snapshot of the Acrobat or Reader version installed on your machine. Go to Help > About Acrobat for the info dialog.
                                                        2. Snapshot of printers installed as shown in Devices and Printers section
                                                        3. Snapshot of printers listed in the Acrobat Print Dialog


                                                        Please send this information to asmittal@adobe.com and we'll reach out to you for debugging this further.


                                                        Looking forward to your cooperation to help us help you.




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                                                          Muzzerboy Level 1

                                                          Sorry, that boat left many weeks ago. I now have Nitro PDF and PDFill which work fine - and Adobe Reader "Dysfunctional Crap" has been removed.


                                                          Thanks for "reaching out" when it was too late. What were you doing all this time?

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                                                            itd46678478 Level 1

                                                            Adobe, are ever planning to putting out an update for Acrobat DC (for Windows) to fix this problem?  Please give us some sort of timeline.  This printing problem is unacceptable.  Thank you.

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                                                              danaz9087059 Level 1

                                                              I just followed the steps you listed above, and still does not work:


                                                              FYI -

                                                              -I did not have any updates to my Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

                                                              -I was able to uninstall and install the latest printer driver (Canon Pro9000 Markii)

                                                              - I do not have another printer to try.


                                                              Still getting the same messages:

                                                              - The document could not be printed.

                                                              - There were no pages selected to print.

                                                              • 68. Re: Acrobat DC cannot print PDF files
                                                                bradc7260385 Level 1

                                                                i've had this issue randomly pop up and for some bizzare reason it appears to be adobe reader dc only, but i found that if i changed the url from \\printerservername\printershare to \\printservername.local\printershare


                                                                I don't know why adobe REFUSES to not resolve it properly without the .local but at least in my site with my circumstances (Win 7 boxes, and 2k12r2 Terminal server) it appears to fix the issue. My situation on this is it just doesn't print and the dialogue box AFTER clicking print (IE print progress from adobe) doesn't show.


                                                                Every other app prints just fine without the .local

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                                                                  megant13109297 Level 1

                                                                  Here it is January 2017 and this issue is still happening. I have a user who had Adobe Reader 11 with this issue printing to an HP LJ 4350 on our network. PDF files just stopped printing. I have removed the printer, uninstalled Reader 11, reinstalled Acrobat DC, reinstalled the printer with updated drivers and still he cannot print PDF's.


                                                                  ADOBE, WHERE IS A SOLUTION, AND WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING????

                                                                  • 70. Re: Acrobat DC cannot print PDF files
                                                                    mrdbekken Level 1

                                                                    We had the "no print"/"no select" problem with Windows 10 and the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and I have finally written a work-around that actually works.  (I had help from Software995.)


                                                                    1. Install the free PDFedit995 software suite from Software995.com.  It comes with a program called PrintPDF.exe.  (It also has other stuff that you might find useful.)


                                                                    2. Create the following batch file.

                                                                    @echo off

                                                                    Title: PrintPDF.bat

                                                                    "C:\Program Files (x86)\pdf995\res\utilities\printpdf.exe" c:\temp\temp.pdf

                                                                    ECHO Printing on Default Printer




                                                                    3. Create a shortcut to the batch file on the desktop.


                                                                    4. Designate a printer as your default printer.


                                                                    5. Bring up the file to be printed in Acrobat.


                                                                    6. Click on the PrintPDF.bat icon and a DOS window comes up that says "Printing on Default Printer." Clicking removes the pause while the document prints.


                                                                    I'm no expert and I would hope that Adobe solves the printing problem but, meanwhile, at least I can print.

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                                                                      kaiw97139530 Level 1



                                                                      we had the same issue after the last Microsoft patch day in January 2017.

                                                                      If this is the source of the problem or just a coincidence... i can't say for sure.


                                                                      We've found a solution in our case.

                                                                      It is the "Enhanced Security" Setting, that have to be deactivated.

                                                                      You can change this setting under Preferences.


                                                                      • Choose Preferences.
                                                                      • From the Categories on the left, select Security (Enhanced).
                                                                      • Select the Enable Enhanced Security option.


                                                                      We've tested this with several users and it worked every time.

                                                                      Hopefully it will work as well for you.

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                                                                        mrdbekken Level 1

                                                                        Unfortunately your fix doesn't work for me.  Sadly my BAT file

                                                                        workaround also has ceased to work.


                                                                        Dean Bekken

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                                                                          ronnies43047989 Level 1

                                                                          After reading your post, checked on our Viper Antivirus software.

                                                                          It was the problem that was preventing the pdf documents from printing. Something about Adobe DC print is causing Vipre to block it.


                                                                          Tested this by disabling Viper temporarily and sure enough we are able to print without any issues. I had to determine exactly what about Adobe is being blocked. After trial and error, I came to to these findings:


                                                                          I had to add the following to the ignore list\exclusion for our Viper server.( If you don't use Viper server, you should be able to add these on the exclusion list of your Antivirus)


                                                                          c:\program files (x86)\adobe\

                                                                          c:\program files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\


                                                                          c:\program files\adobe\

                                                                          c:\program files\Common Files\Adobe\


                                                                          Restart your Viper services or your computer.


                                                                          Hopefully this will help some people.


                                                                          Adobe please fix the issue.

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                                                                            richardh44071162 Level 1

                                                                            Hey, my client is have the same problem.  For the Adobe user who is following this thread, here is what the issue is and what was done all of which did NOT work!


                                                                            User has Adobe Acrobat DC Standard and is running version 15.006.30280 with NO updates available as of this morning. She is running this on a Windows 10 system fully patched and NO updates available as of this morning.  Her Printer is a HP Laserjet P3015 (connected via USB) with current drivers loaded.  She also has an HP Officejet 6500 networked (Prints via IP).   User can print to both printers from all programs except Acrobat DC Standard.  She can print a document to the OfficeJet but not the LaserJet.  I can see in the Queue that the job gets created and then it is gone just as fast but NEVER prints to the Laserjet.  I have removed the Laserjet, Cleared out all temp files and shutdown the system for 3 minutes, started up and reloaded the printer from scratch.  Other programs print just fine but not from Acrobat.  I then disabled the anti-virus and firewall and still was not able to print.  User can print PDF's to the Laserjet if they are opened via Outlook (365).


                                                                            My client needs to be able to print from Acrobate as this is where she creates her reports and sends it out to her clients.  Please help as this is a MAJOR need for her.


                                                                            Adobe please fix this ongoing issue.

                                                                            • 76. Re: Acrobat DC cannot print PDF files
                                                                              ronnies43047989 Level 1



                                                                              You mentioned that user is running Windows 10. I am not sure what Antivirus you are using, but I know Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender. Make sure that it is turned off or the exclusions I mentioned above is added to the exclusion list for Windows Defender.

                                                                              • 77. Re: Acrobat DC cannot print PDF files
                                                                                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                                                                In this case, have you considered that the problem might really be “Viper” improperly interfering with Acrobat and that Acrobat is not doing anything improper. This is known as “a false positive” in the security / antivirus world. Other antivirus and protection software such as MacAfee and Windows Defender does not have problems with Acrobat.


                                                                                Have you tried calling Viper's tech support about this?


                                                                                          - Dov

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                                                                                  wolfgangrdd Level 1

                                                                                  As another customer experiencing this same issue.  We do not use Viper and ALL of our Acrobat Pro users started reporting this problem following the 15.006.30279 update.  Issue remains even if we update to 15.006.30280.  Sometimes it prints, sometimes it doesn't.  You know when it's not going to print because the "Printing progress" dialog box is not displayed after they click ok. 

                                                                                  • 79. Re: Acrobat DC cannot print PDF files
                                                                                    ronnies43047989 Level 1



                                                                                    Yes were working with them to implement the exclusion so that Viper does not block the folder path I specified when printing.


                                                                                    Not everyone here has Viper on their computers and are having problems printing.


                                                                                    I am just trying to put my experience with the software out there and the fix that worked for us in case it can help some one out there that maybe in the same position.