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    IDCC2015/OSX - How do I disable the welcome screen & CC libraries?

    Mike_Sans Level 1

      I work for a huge corporation and I'm using what I presume is an enterprise version of CC. I do not sign in as a user and as such, none of the sync stuff works.


      My welcome screen doesn't function – the panes where the 'Disable Welcome' is found do not load content. Instead, they display images of unhappy looking dogs and complain about no internet access.


      Secondly, the palette location of my (non-functional) CC libraries resets constantly.


      I have used this script line, which temporarily disables it, but I'd like a permanent solution to this recurring irritation.

      app.generalPreferences.showWhatsNewOnStartup = false;

      TLDR; How can I permanently disable the welcome screen and the CC libraries palette?