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    Preview delay caused by audio in AE CC 2015

    Andrew1977 Level 1

      I've seen this kind of addressed in other posts, but usually in reference to older versions, and haven't yet found a solution.


      Basically, I sometimes end up with a comp that delays start of the RAM preview by up to 20 seconds (and then it plays just fine). I found a (half) solution online which was to mute all audio for the comp, and then it plays instantly without a hitch. That's not really a full solution for me, though, because often the point of the RAM preview is to watch with audio. A few seconds I could live with, but 20 seconds every time I wanna check my work is just too much.


      As I said, it only happens sometimes, so I suppose there could be something wrong with the audio file, but it happens often enough that it would be a coincidence to have so many similarly corrupted audio files.


      Thanks for any help!


      My specs:


      2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro

      16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 4096 MB

      OS 10.10.5

      AE CC 2015 ver.