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    Should I upgrade to Premiere Elements 14? Are these things fixed?


      I use Premiere Elements 12 several times a week and found over time it has a lot of nagging issues which other software packages fixed many years ago :-(


      So, I was thinking of upgrading to Premiere Elements14 but I can't find a clear comparison between PE 14 and previous versions...


      With that said, the Adobe site recommend I post my question here, so here goes:


      Premiere Elements 12 (PE12) Issues - are they fixed in 14?


      A - When you create a new project it always defaults to 1080p30 and this default setting appears not to be changeable.


      B - If you create a project in the wrong frame rate (because the default can't be changed and you just forget to change it sometimes) it does not appear to be changeable afterwards??? I've lost many hours do to this issue :-(


      C - There is no way to close a project - you have exit the entire program or open another project :-( Sometimes I just want to re-open the project I have and need a close option (not everything about the 90's was good!)


      D - While the browser to add media and save projects is the modern Windows browser with an address bar, desktop icon, back button etc, the browser used to select where you want to save your initial new project (save in) or save your rendered work (aka .mp4 file) is the Ancient one with no address bar, buttons, etc, and always defaults to the Desktop. This results in having to browse threw dozens of folders to get where I want to save my project, over and over and over (I've started using shortcuts to cut down on this some, but really?)


      E - There seems to be no way to align audio in smaller increments than the frame rate which is not an issue with similarly priced packages, and (from what I read) with Premiere Pro.


      F - The visualization of the Audio tracks does not always show up, or sometimes is just delayed in showing up (without the conforming progress bar on the bottom right), and for some reason it's typically very small and hard to see even in the large track version - and I often have to click on and off and on again to get it to refresh and display correctly


      G - The Pan and Zoom feature is now so problematic I've unfortunately had to stop using it all together - now I must do all my zooming in Camtasia and export, but man it would be nice to do it all in one place


      H - I can find no way to line up multiple Text boxes. At the end of each lesson, I like to fade in several "lesson review" bullets over time, and it's extremely difficult to line up each bullet text box.


      I - There are no hollow / outlined shapes - I often need to place a hollow / outlined circle around an item on the screen to call attention to it but this is not possible in PE12 which I find extremely weird?


      J - Editing text is slow and clunky - often times combining different lines of text doesn't update for awhile and I can find no way to nudge text a pixel at a time, or save defaults, etc


      K - You cannot add stroke to all fonts, and just styling font stoke and shadow is so awkward compared to Photoshop Elements?


      L - I would like a favorite category for transitions and effects - I use the same few over and over again (crop, dissolve, etc,) but I have to dig through the list or search it each time


      M - The music which comes with PE12 is awesome, but they often stop working after a while? I end up exporting them to MP3 and then importing the MP3 into my work because the original just stops playing.


      N - When you switch to dual monitor workspace it never remembers how you have it setup last time :-( Even if it just maximized each view across two screens it would be nice!


      O - The freeze frame tool is great but I need a "save and add to project assets" option. If I export I have to go searching for it and add it to my project assets, but if I insert it it's never exactly the right size as you can only set the length in seconds and not frames


      P - Mouse wheeling through the Project Assets is a joke - it scrolls several pages for one small motion - don't have this issue in Effects, Transitions or anywhere else in PE12 just project assets


      Q - You can't applied, adjust or change effects on multiple clips - when I've edited my raw footage it's usually made of up dozens of pieces of content, and I would like to adjust the lighting, volume, etc on all at the same time


      R - When you scroll on the timeline to a location where you want to add a transition, when you click to browse transitions the timelines scrolls back to wherever you left the CTI.- this is bad UI - a hot key could  do that but not by default - I actually never place a transition where the CTI lies and don't need it around to do so, and I also never want anything in the menu scrolling the timeline for me


      S - If you stretch or expand a clip and happen to touch the scissors on the cti, the clip won't resize, and often times the scissors are right where you want to stretch the clip to.


      T - When you zoom out and want to grab and move a small clip, the default tools that show up are stretch right or left - like why would I zoom all the way out to tweak the size of my clip - isn't it more likely I'm zooming out to move that clip somewhere else on the timeline?


      U - When you click on one clip and expand an Effect like "Motion", and then click on another clip the Effect shrinks again which is very annoying when trying to compare settings of different clips :-(


      V - There is no preset or default for sharing your work - aka outputting an MP4 file - each time I must select AVCHD, then scroll down and select my preset, then click share workspace only, OH and then I'm stuck with that old Windows 3.1 file browser again! Ok, this one remembers the last place you saved it, but while it LOOKS LIKE a text box it is not, so to simply save my work to a new subfolder I have to browse all the folders all over again from the desktop, my computer, my hard drive, etc etc etc.


      And, if you happen to accidentally type the name of your work into the field BEFORE selecting the format (like AVCHD) when you do choose AVCHD it wipes out your file name! Ugh! Why? (PE 12 also just randomly wipes the windows clipboard which is also very annoying.)


      Well, I'm sure there are more things I'm not thinking of but I'll leave it at that.


      Again, if any of you have used previous versions and now have PE14, or are just a PE14 power user, if you could answer any if any of these issues are fixed I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!!!




      Shawn Tierney