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    How to track photos submitted to a show

    margolisr Level 1

      Hello all:


      I have submitted photographs to a show either in a brick/mortar gallery or to an online gallery/show.  Since I have submitted under 10 times, I can keep track of them in Collections. In the future with greater volume that may not be the best way to organize and track them.  I import photos using a title that starts with the date photo take followed by a short description:  Tree 5th Ave, NY.  They are in folders in the Library that have the date on them.  When importing, I add multiple keywords to each image. I import 1000-2000 photos each year.


      What are other strategies?    Thank you for your generosity helping me with this.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Add a keyword or two, one keyword that is the same for all submitted photos so you can do a smart collection that will retrieve all submitted photos and then maybe a second keyword that starts with the same prefix (e.g. Submitted2 or ShownAt) but then includes the actual gallery/show:  Submitted2Met2015 so you can do a Contains search for Submitted2 and find them all or a specific longer phrase and find just the ones for that show, if you submit more than one.


          The thing to be careful of us putting spaces in the keywords, you’ll notice I haven’t, because some places you cannot have multiple words represent one keyword.  You can try using underscores instead of just running the words all together:  Shown_At_whatever_whenever.


          I also tend to export things into subfolders that have meaning so even if I’m just clicking around outside of LR I can find things or at least know what I’ve stumbled upon, especially in 25 years when LR no longer exists or you’re looking on an online backup for things.  Don’t assume you’ll always have LR to do the work of searching and filtering.


          You might be able to rename the photos to have your Submitted2/ShownAt keywords as part of their names if the shows don’t dictate the file naming pattern, otherwise, just subfolders and keywords that have your special meanings encoded in them.