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    Twitter, Facebook, Google+


      I have been a stock subscriber for a number of months, and have only received a mealymouthed response to what is a straightforward question.  I have a website where I create new pages of content (or posts) and want to use Adobe stock photos, which I have licensed.  It seems that webpage use is okay.  However, can I post to social media sites with a link-back to a new page/post on my webpage that includes the adobe stock photo.  (With a proper photo credit).  And, in particular can I do this with Twitter, Facebook, and Google +


      BTW:  Isn't that more or less what everyone who signed up for "Stock" thought they would be doing?  I mean, my  plan was not to print out "Stock" photos to create inspirational posters for my conference room.  I want to use the "big three" social media sites to promote posts to my webpage. (Which is what Adobe itself does through its Twitter account).


      The response I am going to receive to this incredibly simple question is a link to the Adobe contract.  Well, I am a lawyer, and I have read the contract.  However, I am not a copyright specialist.  The terms say that you can post to a social media site if that site  does not claim exclusive use over pictures and posts made to that social media site.   (Or something like that).  I do not know what the policy is with the big three social media sites is.  I do not want to parse their contracts.  I believe that someone at Adobe "Stock" knows the policies in regard to these social media sites and could easily provide a "yes," or a "no."  My guess is the answer is "no," but no one want to announce this fact, because only about two people would subscribe to the service if they knew that at the start.  


      So, just say it.  Do not be passive aggressive and link-back to the contract.   Does the license allow for posting link-backs to my webpage with "Stock"  photos on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Google+.  My guess is that almost everyone who uses this forum wants a straight answer to this question.