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    Why can't win 10 Premiere Elements 14 import .m4a files?




      I'm trying to narrate a video.  (Yes, I could use the narrator function, but when listening to the video, you hear yourself speak half a second after you talk, and it's impossible to stop (yes, I've looked at other forum posts to confirm this)).


      So, I had the bright idea to use Windows 10's "Voice Recorder" to record my voice while watching the video. 


      Partial success... the file recorded, I can play back the file and hear myself.


      But when I try to add it to a project via "add media" media or just dragging into the audio slot at the bottom, I get the infamous "The importer reported a generic error". 


      The Premiere website stated that it accepted .m4a files.  What gives?


      Please, no work arounds:  I realize I could convert it using some other program, or burn it to cd the rip it as a wav file, etc., etc.  I just want the program I paid money for to do what it said it can do.


      What I've tried:  reinstalling Premiere Elements 14, moving specific folders outside of the main program folder so it would loose its settings and I'd have to reauthorize it, importing other .m4a files I've recorded on this computer using my mic, importing the file even without any other media (including video) present.


      Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.