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    RemoteObject without DataGrid fails

    doug777 Level 1
      If I do not include a DataGrid somewhere in my Project, RemoteObject call fails.

      If this line is present there is no problem:

      <mx:DataGrid />

      But if I remove this line, I get the error: ArgumentError: Error #2004: One of the parameters is invalid.

      And the call fails: fault code = "Server.Acknowledge.Failed".

      Of course I can simply set <mx:DataGrid visible="false" /> and the problem disappears, but is this a bug?

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          I would vote for that being a bug.
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            p_watson Adobe Employee
            Hi Doug,
            Are you still experiencing this issue?

            If you have a reproducible test case, this would certainly be a bug. Please post a simple code sample that fails for you and I'll take a look. But I defintely have many examples using RemoteObject without a dataGrid that work as expected. There is no connection between the 2 components by default, so most likely the problems lies elsewhere.


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              doug777 Level 1
              Yes I still get the same error if I remove the mx:DataGrid line even though the project has become enormously more complex since my original posting.

              I will try to set up a minimal project that shows the error and post the code as soon as I can.

              I must just add though that I am absolutely stunned and amazed by what Flex and AS3 can do. It's absolutely brilliant.

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                doug777 Level 1
                Before I do that though, the error: one of the parameters is invalid, suggests that my RemoteCall is missing a vital parameter which is picked up by default from the DataGrid or its dataProvider (I don't use a dataProvider either).

                I pass only the destination and source, along with the function name in the cfc e.g.

                public function getData():void{
                var svc:RemoteObject = new RemoteObject();
                svc.destination = "ColdFusion";
                svc.source = "mySite.myCFC";
                svc.getcurrent.addEventListener("result", resultHandler);
                svc.addEventListener("fault", faultHandler);

                Is something else required?

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                  doug777 Level 1
                  I created a new project and copied two pages (the main page with the mxml and a class page with a RemoteObject) out of the original project and then cut out the lines not needed for these two pages alone and tested with and without the DataGrid line.

                  No problem. Both worked.

                  Then I went back to my original project and that now works without the line as well. It certainly still failed with the DataGrid line missing until I created the new project, but now it has no problem and yet is absolutely unchanged.

                  The fault arose originally when I was testing RemoteObject and didn't have it set up correctly. At the time I had the result bound to the DataGrid. Once I had the remote call working I removed the binding and then the DataGrid and this is when I first noticed the odd behavior.

                  The computer is switched off every day, and the main project altered and recompiled and tested many times each day, yet the fault has persisted for over a week up until I made the remote call from a project that had never seen the fault and that seems to have cleared the problem for the other project.

                  I can only hope that this can give you some clues if you still think it's worth pursuing. Anyway, thanks to your request, the fault for me is now gone.