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    CFExecute and Bat issues

      Here is my coldfusion page (gogogo.cfm):

      <cfexecute name = 'c:\remotereboot.bat'></cfexecute>restarting

      Here is the batch file (restartsun.bat):

      shutdown /r /m \\sun /t 000

      The page is on our server "Rotary" and I am trying to restart the networked server "Sun". If I run the batch file manually it works just fine, Sun restarts. And if I run the coldfusion page with a different batch file, like to restart the local server, it works just fine. But when I try to run the batch file off that coldfusion file, it won't work.

      In other words:
      I want to be on my computer and call www.website.com/gogogo.cfm (which is on the Rotary server) and have it run restartsun.bat and restart the Sun server and it will not do that.

      Anyone have any idea?