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    Importing to LR Mobile from iPad Camera Roll (when original import was from Camera Raw)


      I see that this has been discussed before (as early as April 2014) but I can't find a resolution In the forums.

      I import my Camera Raw shots directly to iPad, which converts them to a format that is friendly to the iPad - one is able to read them in "Photos" and even perform rudimentary edits. I assume that this format is JPEG.

      As others have found, LR cannot read these images unless one shoots in JPEG.

      For me, LR for iPad usefulness is about editing shots that I have taken away from home - I have less interest in exporting shots that are already on my Mac -

      So, my question is: (Other than shooting in RAW + JPEG) Is there a work around for processing Raw images in LR Mobile that have been converted by Apple Photos - or if not, is this something that Adobe will be addressing in the future?