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    Why does my blue box change color on different pages??



      I am making a folder in Indesign, and I want a blue (pantone 294c to be precise) background on each page. I have used rectangle tool to make a box and the used the color I want. On most of the pages the color is the correct color, but on two of the pages the color is kind of faded. I have tried to make a new box and color it with pantone 294c, but it is not the correct color! And I have tried to make a master, so that all pages should be the same, but these two pages are still "faded". I have also tried to use swatches and change the "paper" color to pantone 294c, but when I export this it is still white.. I have no idea what to do, and I really hope somebody knows what is going on and how to correct it?