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    load random symbol add score to game post to social media

    daniel bush Level 1

      Hi there,

      I am creating my first game in edge animate and have stumbled across a problem that despite looking through the other various threads i can't seem to make sense of it all.


      I have eight symbols called Window 1 through to window 8

      I also have 8 buttons button 1 through to 8 each button is invisible and is placed directly over the top of the corresponding window symbol.


      What i would like:

      After pressing a start button i want a symbol to be chosen at random to play.

      when a button which is located directly over the top of the window symbol is clicked it should stop that particular symbol from playing and reset it back to the start position. ready to play again.


      if the symbol is stopped before the end of its timeline, i want a point to be added to the game score.

      if it is allowed to play through to the end of its timeline i want the next window symbol to be randomly started and no point added to the game score.


      There are 28 points available to get so to say, and when the game has looped through 28 random windows I want it to say game over and then post the results to a social media platform such as twitter.


      I know it is a big task but any help possible would be great even if it is to set me off in the right direction.

      Many thanks in advance