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    Problem exporting portions of pdf table with blue highlighting into excel


      I just downloaded the trial of Acrobat DC pro.  I want to export the table portions of a PDF into excel.  The document is Hulbert Financial Digest semi-annual report on the performance of financial newsletters.  http://www.marketwatch.com/topics/columns/hulbert-financial-digest. It requires a subscription to see the actual files.  He highlights any performance numbers that are better than the Wilshire 5000 total return index.  My problem is that any highlighted values do not convert correctly in Excel.  If the Highlighted number is 12.8,  it will show up in the excel cell as 1122..88.  I have noticed if I use the select tool in Acrobat to copy the number into notepad, I get the same result. I have snipped a portion of one line out of the   PDF so you can see the problem.  The -7.6 and 7.7 and the text come across correctly into the appropriate excel cells.


      conversion problem.PNG