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    What happens if selected “hide” or “show” fonts ? — option from controlpanel on pc

    Mohammad Modassir Level 1



      If i for example see a "missing font" info in the software Indesign — could it be that i may have this "missing font" installed on my computer but Indesign are unable to find it — because that font is selected as "hide" in the controlpanel-managing fonts on my computer? — do i have to select/turn it to "show" — so Indesign can find that missing font on my computer?


      Is it impossible for å software which use fonts — to find fonts which are selected as "hide" from the controlpanel on a computer?


      What is the purpose of "hide" or "show" ? Is it as same as "able" and "unable" i.e "show" and "hide" ?


      Someone please clarify this. I dont understand it. I would appreciate your answer very much.