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    UI Personalization Roadmap


      I'm not sure whether this topic belongs in this forum but I couldn't find another forum that addresses Flex and related user interface control personalization. If anyone knows of a better forum please let me know.

      Question / Discussion

      I'd need to understand the current position Adobe has on UI personalization when building an application based on the Flex/Flash framework.

      We'd like to move our product to Flex/Flash but the solution must permit a user to personalize our user interface and save the changes made. From both a business & developer perspective, we want to concentrate on our business solution rather than build out the technology to do this.

      Some of the user UI personalization changes expected are:

      - Hide non-mandatory fields, buttons, tabs or groups containing non-mandatory fields (typically unused features for that user)
      -Move a field or group of fields within an existing tab or other container to another container
      -Make a non-mandatory field mandatory
      -Define new custom buttons that link to existing application functionality or URL for mashups
      -Resize input and display fields (individual fields as well as columns in lists/grids)

      These UI changes need to be completed in MXML only, independent of the underlying business code since one product solution will be deployed and supported.

      The idea would be to store these user changes in a user profile that could guide the browser in rendering the MXML. A profile approach would also enable a user to share a unit of work that has a personalized UI with another user. Profiles need to migrate forward with the solution as subsequent versions are released to minimize maintenance & testing impact.

      We are looking for a more malleable interface that a user can shape to their purpose after delivery. This is similar to web parts.

      Are there any plans to support such a UI personalization mechanism on the Flex roadmap?