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    Some icon sizes are missing in AIR for android settings

    Guillaume T.

      In the new Animate CC, icons list in "AIR for iOs settings" have been updated (180, 60, 75, 87, 167 were added), but the list icons in "AIR for Android settings" is still the same...

      We need icons for 144px and 192px :




      For now, I must add them manually every time I have open the AIR for Android setting which reset the app decriptor file, it's really annoying.

      Is it possible to edit this list somewhere in a config file, to update Animate IDE ?


      Always about the icons management in flash/animate IDE,

      when we switch between AIR for iOs and AIR for Android, the icons lists are reset each time and we have to select again each icons one by one, it's such a waste of time.

      Why icons specifications are not memorized for each plateform ?

      And a system a little bit more automatic to set those icons would be very great, some ideas :

      • double click directly in the list to open directly the browse dialog
      • add the possibility to select directly a directory and auto map the icon files in the list