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    Lens correction option unstable

    manuelaw98189123 Level 1

      Hey dear community

      I have a problem to work with the option LENS CORRECTION in a specific case


      In the appendix I give two screenshots of a picture of a tree

      One is with lens correction off and one w/o.


      What happens is, that there is a "shadow" arround the leave crown of the tree, when lens correction is on.

      Whe I disellect the option Lens correction verything is ok.

      The thing runs me crazy is, that I can disellect setting by setting in the chapter lens correction and this does never give the effect, that picture is okay, like the total disellection of the chapter.


      System I am working with >>> LR5.7.1  >> MACBookPro Mid 2010 8GByte RAM, OS X 10.11.2  >> picture from NIKON D800

      Somebody have a simular problem and found a solution and would like to share with me??


      If something unclear, please, let me know


      Thanks in advance for help

      And greetings from Frankonia


      screenshort with chapter LENS CORRECTION diactivated :


      screenshot with chapter lens corrections activated and same "shadow visable" when each item is diactivated manually


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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check the Defringe Amount sliders on the Color (Farbe) area of the Lens Corrections section.  Make both Amount sliders zero.  It is likely that you have applied Green defringing and the range of colors includes a bit of the green leaves and sky blue:


          The problem may be that you have non-zero amounts for the Defringe sliders configured as LR Defaults or as part of a preset you're applying to many images, and shouldn't because defringing should be set individually for each image as one set of values doesn't work for all images.


          If you have areas of the image that need green/blue defringing, then instead of doing the defringing to the entire image and accidentally desaturating parts of the trees and sky, turn off defringing in the Lens Corrections area and use an Adjustment Brush with a non-zero Defringe amount and paint over the edges that really do need defringing.

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            manuelaw98189123 Level 1

            Hey you,

            GREAT  THANKS so much, that has been the solution.


            I thought by diselecting the click bottom all is set to zero.


            So has been a good day, learned a new thing

            Thanks again and have a good day